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Effort Based Approach to Creating Success

August 21st


Downtown Mobile, AL

This custom built course for insurance agents covers these topics:

   1 HOUR

  • Creating a corporate success formula 

    • Establishing the 4 keys and a common purpose

    • Lessons from nature that matter to your corporate culture

   2 HOURS

  • Effort Based Techniques to Grow Your Business

    • Understanding the human brain: A primer on the science of decision making and using cognitive biases to your advantage

    • Creating a decision based corporate culture rather than a results based culture

    • Emotional Connections Drive Brand Loyalty

      • Effort based strategies to earn 5 star reviews

   2 HOURS

  • Effort Based Approach to Superior Guest Service

    • Establishing service systems, standards, and processes

    • Preventing guest service failures

    • Service Failure Recovery - no matter how good we are it doesn’t always go right

  1 HOUR

  • Team Member Selection / Training / and Retention

    • You’re not “hiring.” You are “selecting.” There’s a difference. 

   1 HOUR

  • Relational sales strategies to enhance the bottom line 

    • Everything in life should be relational NOT transactional